Neil and Rachel Rae

What is your current ministry?
In April we will celebrate 10 years of service in the Philippines and can look back with gratitude on all that God has done in that time. We are currently involved in guest-house and Sunday school ministry (Rachel) and outreach basketball ministry and Bible studies (Neil).

What have you missed whilst being in Asia?
It is almost impossible to replicate British chip shops and the craving for Indian food does not diminish over time!

What would you like us to be praying for?
Guidance regarding our current ministries and God’s blessing on our children, Ben (12) and Lucie (10), as they are privileged to attend a Christian school.

David, Lucy and Naomi Eastwood

What is your current ministry?
In June 2015 David switched from leading a church planting team to serving as field director of OMF Taiwan. His ministry shifted from reaching a small number of working class families to the pastoral care of 65 OMF missionaries from 14 different countries. This year David deputised for six months as International Director for East Asia North, providing pastoral care for OMF leaders in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, and joining the International Leadership team.

Highlight of your term?
For David it was the opportunity to be part of a much wider range of ministry and being used by God to support and encourage both new missionaries and those growing into leadership roles.
Lucy’s most memorable experience was when an old lady she was talking to interrupted her to ask who the man nailed to the cross was and why had they done that to him? She explained she had seen a vision of a man treated in this way but didn’t know who it was, having never heard the gospel story!

What can we pray for your future and your field?
Pray that we will see our daughter Naomi settled at university and adjusted to life in the UK before we return to Taiwan early next year. In our next term of service David will continue as Field Director and Lucy will explore new ministry options once we are ‘empty-nesters.’

Katheryn Bowen

What is your current ministry?
I serve as the Mekong Receiving Serve Asia Cooordinator, based in Chiang Mai. I place individuals and groups short-term with our teams working among Mekong Minority people groups based in five countries.

Highlight of your term?
Visiting Vietnam and seeing first-hand the difference prayer can make in bringing one particular people group to faith. Seeing the difference Jesus has made in one family’s life was a real privilege.

What’s the most unusual thing you have seen this term?
50 cockroaches at once on my kitchen floor!  

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the UK?
Reconnecting with friends and family and National Trust cream teas!

How can we pray for your future and your field?
The plan is to return to Asia in April 2018, please pray for God's provision and his wisdom in knowing how to develop our short term programme within Mekong.