Lopburi, Central Thailand

Helping with the design and construction of the new Lopburi learning Centre. I am also learning Thai part-time

6 August 2016

Sending church:
Kingfisher Church, Little Paxton, St Neots and St Neots Evangelical Church


Rebecca Penrose


Four years ago I was going to go to Brazil, but now I am in Thailand! In 1993 I completed a five-year course in Architecture but the UK was in the middle of a recession and there was little work for architects. So, I decided to go to South America for six months, ending up in Brazil. During that time I felt God might lead me do mission overseas one day. Sixteen years later however, I realised that I had never followed this call.

So, I decided to return to Brazil. However, God had other ideas. He began placing another country on my heart - Thailand. During my first visit to Thailand I spent a week with a Thai friend in Bangkok doing ‘local’ things and not just famous tourist attractions. We went to observe the giving of alms to Buddhist monks near her local temple early one morning. God gave me the desire to share the gospel with those who have little, if any, chance to hear. So now I am in central Thailand, working on the design of a new language and culture training centre for missionaries to Thailand, whilst also learning Thai part-time. I also enjoy being able to play the violin with a Thai church.

Borough Green, OMF UK Communications Intern.

September 2016

Sending Church:
Evesham Baptist Church


Reuben Grace

At Christmas 2015, my summer graduation, with a History degree from Exeter University, was looming. While I had many ideas of things I could do, I wanted to be where God wanted me. I had enjoyed studying, but didn’t want to be a history teacher, work in a museum or launch into academia straight away. I had already pushed at a few doors, which God kept firmly closed!

I could see myself working in journalism or publishing in the future. I also knew the importance of sharing the gospel from my involvement with the CU in Exeter and my grandparents’ work with OMF in Laos in the 1960s. 

That Christmas I was doing a lot of work on my dissertation, which examined the China Inland Mission’s response to the Boxer Uprising in 1900. I thought it would be great if I ended up working with the same organisation as I was studying! I went on the OMF website and spotted the UK media internship – it looked perfect. I have always been interested in writing and communications – I have my own website and some media experience through voluntarily managing the social media pages of my local steam railway.

I prayed, applied for the internship, and God opened the door! As well as developing my skills in media, I’m looking forward to discovering more about world mission and what continuing to participate in the ‘Task Unfinished’ might look like for me in the future.

Borough Green, OMF UK, Serve Asia Intern

Departure Date:
September 2016

Sending Church: 
Wycliffe Baptist Church



 I guess you could say I have always been part of mission – I spent the first 10 years of my life living in Romania while my parents served God by reaching out to farmers and communities in agricultural areas. But I only remember the latter part of their ministry – setting up a charity for alcoholics and their families. I would often be taken along with my dad to the office or we would go to a village church and visit people.

Through OMF I realised, I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid). And recently I have been on my own short-term mission; I did some travelling and finished it off with two weeks in Moldova doing children’s programmes in a couple of villages. This experience made me realise that I wanted to have more of an impact than ‘a foreign girl playing games and telling stories in summer’ – for people to know God they need more than that! I want to give more… So working as an intern here at OMF is part of my journey to discover more about how I can mobilise for mission and about God’s work worldwide, and possibly to go, if this is where God wants to lead me. Part of my role involves seeing people’s passion to do something for God and hearing their testimonies, which is encouraging for me. I am still learning about OMF and its ministry, I am excited to be a part of it and be inspired by it.