‘Living sacrifices…not conformed to the pattern of this world’ Romans 12:1-2

During 2016, OMF UK received income to enable all our members to be at least 95 per cent supported for the year. Over the last five years, the average income received has been in excess of 100 per cent of the total needed by our members. All of OMF’s ministry contexts have processes in place to facilitate sharing between those over supported and those lower supported. We praise the Lord for his grace to us, confident that as we seek to be faithful in trusting him, he will continue to guide, protect and provide.

In recent times, there’s been some negative press regarding the fundraising practices used by some charities. Unsurprisingly, approaches that prioritise money over building trust and value in relationships with supporters don’t normally turn out well.

After explaining the wonderful salvation graciously granted through Christ alone, Paul exhorts all those who have received this salvation to offer themselves as ‘living sacrifices’, prioritising service in God’s mission purposes. OMF continues to be blessed by many of those offering themselves as ‘living sacrifices’, one aspect of which is their giving to God’s mission purposes through OMF.

We don’t ask for funds, seeking instead to prioritise service to God’s people that they can to engage as faithfully as possible in his mission purposes, particularly amongst East Asians. And, often quite unexpectedly, but as the Lord has led them, those who ‘do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but are transformed by the renewing of their minds’ (Romans 12:2), have given to and through OMF in many ways, including prayer and finances. Once again, we thank those who are involved with us in this way, trusting that they experience the blessedness of faithfully giving to the Lord from their lives in these and other ways.

For those wanting a summary of last year’s finances, subject to audit confirmation, our overall funds, together with income and expenditure, broke down as follows:

In line with our ‘no debt’ principle, we seek to match our income with expenditure, primarily by reducing the support levels of members, when necessary. The annual cost of UK support and mobilisation is constantly reviewed.

We are expecting that by May 2017 a new portal will be available via to enable online registration for receipt of prayer materials, event bookings as well as being able to make financial donations. Those who register will also be able to view their historic records in these regards.

May you know rich blessing as you live as ‘living sacrifices’ in serving the Lord through your life.