When The Way Ahead Is Unclear

As I am writing this article, the UK is approaching the EU Referendum with the likely outcome too close to call (by the time you are reading this, you will know the outcome).  This is a major issue affecting the UK, with the ramifications of the outcome expected to have a significant impact for the foreseeable future. When looked at from a financial perspective, the outcome of 23 June could have significant ramifications for the finances of OMF too. We can go to many stories in Scripture to assure us of the Lord’s sovereignty even over the most extreme of circumstances (CIM/OMF also has much in its history which is testimony to this as well); I was recently reading the account of the Shunammite lady from 2 Kings 8 which provides helpful assurance in this regard.

For whatever reason, the Lord decreed famine in Israel (I’m not saying we’ve got famine ahead, but there could be volatile times coming) and told the woman to go to Philistia, effectively forfeiting her property and the security that goes with that. The way ahead was unclear when looked at from the perspective of worldly support. Amazingly, though, when she returned after seven years, the Lord arranged circumstances so that she received back her land from the king. Wherever the Lord leads us over the forthcoming months and years, even though the way ahead may be unclear, God is able to provide, even in the most extreme of circumstances.

So far this year, we are grateful for God’s provision above the target income set when the budget was set (the actual income required so far this year has beefinancesPT2n slightly higher due to the weakness of Sterling, but what we have seen come in has covered that extra requirement too). We thank the Lord, and those who partner with us in prayer, giving and other ways. We remain totally dependent on the Lord for ongoing provision, possibly through challenging times ahead, so we would ask you to pray with us for God’s provision as we depend upon him to take us through whatever circumstances lie ahead.finances_PT1