No Regrets

When I came into this role, one responsibility I was not expecting was for the graves that OMF owns in Tunbridge Wells Cemetery. Over the years, OMF has purchased plots for members who wanted to be buried or have their ashes interred there.  I have been involved in aspects of administering this matter, and recently visited the plots to address situations where the gravestones have loosened and started to topple over.

Whilst, for some, this may not sound like a particularly appealing activity, for me it was really quite uplifting, stimulating and challenging. As I walked along the rows of over 80 plots, I read statements on the headstones such as ‘with Christ…better by far’, ‘in your presence is fullness of joy’ and ‘at home with the Lord’.  It was wonderful to see this hope and assurance so clearly proclaimed on grave after grave of those who served the Lord through the China Inland Mission and later OMF.

But, alongside the joy of this, their testimonies of faithful service were a challenge. They will have had no regrets, having used the talents the Lord had granted to them and will have been welcomed in glory with those most desired of words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’ (Matthew 25:21).

The Lord doesn’t call all of us to serve him overseas, but all of us are called to be involved in his mission purposes in some way.  There were doubtless many ‘good and faithful servants’ who prayed for and financially supported those whose testimonies to the Lord’s glory are remembered in Tunbridge Wells Cemetery. Likewise, there are many today who will similarly be declared ‘good and faithful’, in significant part resulting from the personal sacrifices they are making to pray for and financially support seeing East Asians enter the Kingdom of God.

As these faithful servants will have no regrets before the Lord, I am challenged to continue to use the talents the Lord has granted me as well as I can.  I am challenged to seek that Jesus’ glory and purposes remain my top priority and we thank the Lord once again for those who pray and give for that reason, enabling OMF to continue serving in the purposes God has for it, for his glory.

Darren Wall

Director for Finance & Corporate Services

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