Are you sure – Is Jesus really better than weed?

Some weeks ago, I saw our new neighbour who had moved into the rundown house across the street. He was loading a surfboard into his car. As I also surf, I went over and started to chat with him and in the end we exchanged mobile numbers.

Just days after the meeting, I received a text from him asking if I was free to go surfing the next morning. So I picked him and one of his friends up at 4am. On the way to the surf spot, the two young Japanese guys shared quite openly about their semi-legal lifestyle, partying and working in the red light district of Sapporo.

I shared my testimony with them about how God stepped
into my life

I shared my testimony with them about how God stepped into my life when I had a similar lifestyle. I asked if they want to know more about God. They said that if he is really better than sex, parties and drugs then it might be worth listening.

So I started off, I told them that it’s a really long story, a bit like a soap opera on TV, and if they were up for it I would share one story every time we went surfing.

Fast-forward to today and they have heard the first three stories of an eight-story set – creation to resurrection, sometimes at 2:30am! Last time one of them asked if I could bring him a bible, as he is really keen to get to know more about God and how the story unfolds.

JP Koch

What Does Brexit Mean for OMF?

Since the result of the EU Referendum so much unexpected water has already flowed under the bridge; doubtless to say, there’s probably a lot more still to come.

The path ahead is still unclear, so what can be said about the impact of Brexit on an organisation like OMF? The area that is most likely to affect OMF in the short term is the economic uncertainty, which is not likely to settle down for some time. If Sterling is weakened, it will cost a lot more GBP for us keep our members overseas.

We should also consider the effect economic uncertainty has on those that support OMF.  If there are job losses and price increases, then that could impact the finances being given for members to carry out their ministries amongst East Asians.  Of course, those that support leaving the EU are looking to the UK’s economic position improving over time, so the converse could be true if those outcomes are borne out over time.

Further down the line, there is the potential for possible changes to immigration regulations and other local legislation, which may affect operations.
It should be highlighted, however, that visa restrictions and local regulatory constraints are something that OMF is used to in Asian contexts, so, although changes could present extra challenges, they’re nothing new to us as an organisation.

  He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them…

We do well to remember the words of Daniel, ‘Praise be to the name of God forever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them…he knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with him.’ Daniel 2:20-22. In the midst of our uncertainty, God knows where exchange rates are going and what trade deals may be agreed, what the EU will look like in the future and what border controls the UK may have. Yes, there are likely to be challenges, but as is often the case for those trusting in Jesus, I expect we’ll be looking back in future and seeing so many ways our God has used these circumstances for our good.

Darren Wall,
UK Finance Director