Helen Lyttle

What is your current ministry?

For most of the last 20 years my primary ministry has been as OMF Japan’s Third Culture Kids (TCK) Advisor supporting all of our OMF families. Among other things this involves reviewing educational options and facilitating conversations about transition issues as families come or return to Japan or leave for home assignment.

Highlight of your term?

In this role I have had the huge privilege of regularly visiting OMF families, wherever they are located in Japan. It is a joy to get a feel of each family’s unique ministry location and to hear stories of how God is at work in a whole variety of situations. It is also a special pleasure to spend time with each of our missionary children from babes to young adults, getting to know them better, giving them a little loving encouragement along the way, and watching them mature.

What's the most unusual thing you have seen this term?

The largest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years hit the island of Hokkaido where I live and toppled a large number of trees in my area. Just 24 hours later we experienced a strong earthquake in the middle of the night that stunned us by knocking out electricity over the entire island, effecting daily life of millions of people for quite some time.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the UK?

It will be wonderful to spend leisurely time with family, friends, my home church and prayer supporters.

What can we pray for your future and OMF Japan?

My next term of service will be my final one before retirement. Please pray for a replacement in my role as TCK Advisor with a real burden to see TCKs and their parents thrive.

Eunice Burden

What is your current ministry?

Based in Thailand, I am involved in a number of ministries; teaching, preaching, and advising in Thai churches; facilitating a number of OMF courses and Daniel Training for new workers where I help to mentor some of our new missionaries and also fill in as Language Coach when Julia Birkett is away.

Highlight of your term?

New opportunities for teaching in the Thai context and many new opportunities to facilitate OMF courses outside Thailand as well.

What's the most unexpected thing you have experienced during this term?

The deaths of some good Thai friends, some of them younger than me. One especially was a pastor’s wife who died after an accident; she was a key mover and shaker of their church and very spiritually minded.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the UK?

Being with family and friends, and touching base with supporting churches and prayer partners.

What can we pray for your future and for Thailand?

As I get near to retiring, pray that I will finish well. Pray, too, that God will open up a door of opportunity to implement lay leadership training with the Thai churches in an on-going system and not just on an ad-hoc basis. Please pray for the Lord to bring about a leadership multiplying movement for the Thai Church so that we can see the church planting movement that we have prayed about for so long.