Nick Radcliffe

What is your current ministry?

We are coming to the end of a two-year associate membership with OMF in Cambodia, where I have been Field Medical Advisor (FMA). Julia, my wife, has primarily continued her homemaker role.
We have three children in HOPE International School here in Phnom Penh. 

The FMA role varies depending on the country of service. In Cambodia, where access to reliable medical care is limited, I am essentially the GP for the team, in addition to responsibilities for occupational health and advising potential candidates. My background is as a GP in Liverpool, and many aspects of the FMA role are the same, but there have also been unique challenges. Having patients who are team mates and friends is a privilege, but also more emotionally demanding.

I have encountered a few tropical diseases (although thankfully not as much as expected!). 
A big challenge has been making difficult decisions about when to send members abroad for treatment. 

In addition to our primary roles, Julia has enjoyed teaching local OMF staff English and I have been discipling medical students and young doctors in the newly formed Cambodian Christian Medical Fellowship (CCMF).

Highlight of your term?

Cambodia is a tough place to live, but it has been good to reflect on the blessings. It has been a privilege to use our skills and experience here where the impact is more obvious than at home. We have made lifelong friendships, deepened by walking along side each other through some tough challenges. Our kids have hopefully had their eyes opened to Cambodia’s needs, and have benefitted from some wonderful Christian teachers at the school. There are also lots of fun family memories, such as Tuk-Tuk rides, elephant trekking, and holidays in Thailand.

 What's the strangest thing you've seen this term?

It has to be the things you see being transported on motorbikes - whole pigs, doors, families of six, fridges!

How can we pray for your future and your field?

For our field pray for a strong partnership with local churches in Cambodia, and for continued open doors for gospel workers. 

The team has seen an extraordinary number of missionaries leaving the field due to illness or other reasons in recent years. Please pray for a strong sense of unity and purpose among the team despite these changes.

For us as a family, praise God that practical things such as housing, schooling, and a job in the UK seem to be coming together. Please pray that we, and especially the kids, would transition well and trust God amidst the changes. Please also pray that we would be able to share well about the needs in Cambodia with those back home.

Steve & Anna Griffiths

What is your current ministry?

Strategy Coordinators for New Horizons Brazil, working with local mission agencies and evangelical churches to mobilise Brazilian Christians for mission in East Asia. New Horizons is an initiative to mobilise Christians from countries like
Brazil, which OMF has not traditionally been connected with.

Highlight of your term?

Moving from Singapore (one of the smallest countries in the world) to Brazil (one of the largest) and starting our new life and ministry in São Paulo. Kick-starting our rusty Portuguese and establishing a mobilisation ministry with no other OMF members in this vast country and only one other in the continent.

What’s the most unusual thing you have seen this term?

Our home group Bible study starts at 9:30pm with half an hour of worship; the actual study starts after ten and finishes around midnight.
Everyone then stays on for at least another hour of fellowship and snacks. We rarely get to bed before 2am!

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the UK?

We are looking forward to being closer to our children (Josh, 24 and Aimée, 22) and our parents, celebrating Josh’s wedding to Rachel Macdonald just after we arrive back, and renewing contact with friends and supporters.

What can we pray for your future and your field?

Pray the Lord would call more new workers from Brazil and provide all that they need to serve cross-culturally in East Asia. Please pray we can continue to develop new partnerships in Brazil.


Scott & Nok Murray

What is your current ministry?

Scott is a surgeon and Nok is a nurse. We have
both been involved in medical mission in Thailand (and neighbouring countries) throughout our time in Asia. Most recently we were seconded to ‘resurrect’ the Kwai River Christian Hospital, on the Thai-Myanmar border. In 2010 it was about to close due to lack of staff and poor governance.

Within six months we had turned the hospital around with patient numbers increasing from 20 per day to 80-90 per day, some travelling from 3-400 km away, from both Thailand and Myanmar. Patients also had a chance to hear the gospel in their own language.

With no anaesthetist, Scott had to do both anaesthesia and surgery on each patient. After four years of upgrading the equipment and services at the hospital and thousands of operations later, the board has begun building a brand new 60-bed hospital in the nearby municipal town 20 km away.


What can we pray for your future and your field?

Do pray for where God would use us in medical missions in the future after home assignment.