Destination: Japan

Designation: Language and culture learning

Sending Church:Broadway Baptist, Isle of Man

Roz Stimpson

This journey began when I was 11 years old and my sister loaned me a Japanese comic (manga). An interest and love of all things Japan grew and intensified. Years later, at a summer camp, a friend of mine who also loved all things Japanese said: ‘If you’re going to go, do something useful!’ She then mentioned OMF. I got in touch, and in 2011 I was on my gap year headed for Sapporo. During a six-month Serve Asia placement I was really struck by the great opportunities to share the gospel there, as well as acutely aware of how poor my own people and language skills were, and that I needed God’s love and intervention, because I could not do it in my own strength.

It’s now eleven years later, I’ve been through university, the world of work, I finished two years at All Nations Christian College in summer 2021, and am waiting to see God open borders. I love drawing, writing, and hope to engage with different forms of outreach, and share with others that God can use our interests and loves to further his kingdom. How this will look after language and culture study, I’m not sure – but I am confident of this, that he who has begun this will also complete it.