Destination: Taiwan

Designation: Language and culture learning 

Departure: February 2018


Sarah Melbourne

My interest in mission began with India, however the doors to go there never seemed to open. This led me to question where I should go and which mission agency I should go with. I’d previously had contact with OMF and Phil & Cathy, the Scottish Regional directors. At this point they suggested I go on a short-term trip to get some experience of East Asia, and I went to Thailand.

A few years later I went to Taiwan and fell in love with the country. By this point, I had also discovered a love of teaching and completed my teaching degree. I hope this will be a skill I can use in Taiwan.

There have been some challenges along the way and I am going out slightly later than I planned. Raising support to go took longer than expected and I chose to stay behind when a relative became ill. The thing I’ve been holding on to, through all this, was that my identity is in belonging to God, not in being a missionary or anything else. As I walk close to God, I know that whatever happens he will be at the centre.

I’m not sure how long God wants me in Taiwan. I love working with women and children at risk and there’s a lot of work to be done with marginalised people. I have previous experience working with children at risk and I love being creative and finding different ways of communicating and reaching people.

I have appreciated the prayers and wise words of friends and people who have walked alongside me on this journey.