7 Days of Prayer For DPRK

“God is looking for men and women who would stand before him in the gap”
Ezekiel 22:30



Lord, please revive the Church.

The great revival in Pyongyang in 1907 gave birth to many churches across Korea so that by 1945 there were some 3,000 churches in North Korea. Today only four official churches in Pyongyang remain.1 The rest closed as DPRK became a communist nation in 1948.

  • Pray that the Word preached in these four churches will touch lives.
  • Pray that the Church in DPRK will be rebuilt again and become a sending church like Antioch in Acts 13:1-3.


Lord, please make your name known.

There are some 58,000 bronze statues, revolutionary remnants and revolutionary battle sites throughout DPRK. All citizens are taught that their leaders provided for all their needs and they are to show utmost respect for their leaders.

  • Pray that God’s name will be known in DPRK.
  • Pray for opportunities for people to hear the good news and put their trust in Jesus.


Lord, please keep watch over the believers.

Kang Yong Sop, chairman of the Chosun Christian Federation, the official organisation representing Christianity in DPRK, reported in 2000 that there were 30 pastors, 300 Christian workers, and 12,343 Christians in the country. Although hard to confirm, it shows that the Lord’s Church is alive in DPRK. Others have estimated numbers to be around 355,000.2 Interviews with those who have lived in DPRK confirm that the Church, though invisible, is growing. Believers meet in small groups in secret places. Most Christians memorise Scriptures and hymns. Possessing a Bible is a punishable crime. Many are in labour camps.

  • Praise the Lord for preserving his Church.
  • Pray that he will keep their faith from wavering in the midst of trials.
  • Pray that God will draw near to those in prison and enable them to be his witnesses.


Lord, please guide the nations in relating to DPRK.

With the rapid advancement of DPRK’s missile and nuclear technology, tensions have increased between the US and DPRK. This has greatly increased the tension on the Korean Peninsula. Relations between DPRK and China have also become tense, as China has agreed with the sanctions proposed by USA. The relationship with South Korea has also been strained over the years, but it has recently improved with the North’s participation at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

  • Pray that the nations will find ways to have dialogue with the DPRK.
  • Pray that the nations will not be thinking only of their own interests.
  • Pray for restraint in rhetoric and action between the US and the DPRK.


Lord, please provide for the people in DPRK.

The food situation in DPRK is not as bad as in the famine in the mid-1990s. Nevertheless, due to flooding and drought, many people lack sufficient food. Presently, one third of the population is considered malnourished and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria are affecting many people. The World Food Programme is coordinating the efforts to provide basic food to those most in need.

  • Pray that the Lord will provide the necessary food and medicine for the people.
  • Pray that more Christians will become involved in meeting these physical needs. In the midst of this, may the people turn to the One who is the Living Bread and the Great Physician.


Lord, please open the door for foreign Christians.

Since the mid-1990s, a small number of Christian professionals have been able to enter DPRK to be involved in humanitarian work, education, agriculture, and small businesses. They seek to serve the people and live as incarnational witness of Christ to them. They are watched carefully and their life is not easy. In September 2017, due to the Government Travel Restriction (GTR) by the US, US passport holders have been barred from using their passports to enter DPRK.

  • Pray that more people around the world would be willing to go to DPRK and meet their many needs.
  • Pray doors would open for them to enter
    this country.
  • Pray that they will be faithful incarnational witnesses for the Lord.


Lord, please build up the Church in DPRK through the refugees.

The number of refugees in South Korea has now reached over 31,000 others make their way into China. Many have heard the gospel on their way out. Around 40 per cent are said to have become believers due to the Christian love and help they have received. Some believers are returning to DPRK with appropriate preparations, others are involved in broadcast ministry to people inside. Recently, tighter surveillance has been placed along the border area between DPRK and China.

  • Pray those who leave will hear the gospel en route or wherever they settle.
  • Pray for those who have returned to DPRK.
  • Pray that some will prepare for future ministries in DPRK.

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