Value from God’s Perspective

All of the gospels recount a story of a woman who came to Jesus and poured a very costly ointment over him. The disciples with Jesus at the time saw this as a waste. Jesus, however, said this was a ‘beautiful’ thing. An act that would be remembered ‘wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world’ (Matthew 26:13). The value of an action cannot simply be determined by the visible gain or loss it seems to result in. What matters is the value which Jesus puts on it in working out his kingdom purposes.

Many give faithfully, and often very sacrificially, to enable the ministries of OMF to be funded; ministries which sometimes do not show much tangible fruit. And yet the Lord is pleased with these endeavours and uses them in significant ways even if these are not seen immediately. Similarly, whether the amount given is ‘large’ or ‘small’, it is the Lord who determines how significant this will be (a few loaves and fish go a long way in the Lord’s hands). We are most grateful to all who give and pray as they are led, since it is all faithful giving brought together that the Lord uses to bring about his purposes, often in ways that we cannot predict. For our part, we have the responsibility to be prayerful in stewarding what the Lord has provided. This requires much wisdom because the best use of these resources which may not be that which has most ‘value’ in the world’s eyes.

We thank the Lord, once again, that he has continued to provide for all of the ministries our workers are engaged in. As detailed in the figures below, the full income requirement to carry out OMF UK’s planned ministries has been met during the first four months of the year.

If you would like more information about praying for and giving to OMF, this can be found at

Darren Wall
Director for Finance & Corporate Services