September – December 2020

I am writing this in the third month of the COVID-19 lockdown and all around there is much talk of the ‘new normal’.

Within OMF (UK) we are also thinking about the ‘new normal’, what it will mean for the organisation, as well as how we can and should respond to the new opportunities this time brings. There is also the temptation to go back to the ‘old normal’ as we may feel comfortable and secure with the things and routines we are familiar with. However, to do so runs the risk of denying those very significant changes that have happened in our society. So for OMF (UK), we need to ensure we make the most of the new opportunities there will be to share the good news of Jesus with East Asians, wherever they may be.

We have recently been celebrating Pentecost in a very different and perhaps more low key style than we are used to due to the social distancing guidelines. We have probably also read in Acts 2 of the coming of the Holy Spirit with the sound of a powerful wind and something that resembled tongues of fire resting on the disciples, enabling them to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit in ways they could not have previously imagined. For the disciples this became their ‘new normal’ which they thankfully embraced and went on to bring thousands of people to know the power and hope of Jesus in their lives.

I don’t think the disciples really knew what to expect when Jesus told them about the coming of the Holy Spirit. I can empathise, to some degree, with how they may have felt. Whilst I hear much of the ‘new normal’, I also hear much about the severe economic recession that the world may be facing and my thoughts turn to the potential impact on OMF (UK) and how we might need to respond. Yet, when I look at the good level of income we have received for the four months to the end of April 2020 I am reminded that God is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord provides – and OMF (UK)’s needs will be met, if we are good stewards of the resources we have.
The financial situation for the first four months of 2020 is:

Jeff Hall
Director for Finance & Corporate Services