Passing Around the Tin…

In many churches we pass around a collection plate on a Sunday providing an opportunity for people to give to the Lord’s purposes. In some circumstances, this may be the best way to give. In others, given the banking facilities available today, it may not be. Paul’s charge to the Corinthian Church was clear, ‘on the first day of every week, each of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up so that when I come, no collections (for the famine-affected churches
in Judea) will have to be made’ (1 Corinthians 16:2).

This was to be prayerful, considered giving, so that come the day of the collection, their giving wasn’t just an impulse response outside the Lord’s desire.  Hudson Taylor followed this approach in 1866. He did not want collections to be taken when he was speaking at meetings. He was concerned that the possibility of responding to the missionary challenge by putting some money in a tin could distract from the need for a much greater commitment.

Of course, sometimes a more immediate response to a disaster situation is needed; also some are still paid in cash, so putting funds into the collection plate each week is the best way to give. One-time gifts for visiting missionaries are also most welcome and will contribute to essential current needs such as travel costs. For them to continue in ministry, however, they need on-going support through regular giving. Some are concerned that a regular gift may need to be stopped if circumstances change. That’s not a problem; the Lord can then provide for the one supported by other means. The key is that the giver was prepared to commit themselves according to their circumstances at the time, even if the Lord subsequently changed those.
Regular giving also keeps the need before the giver and may lead to further commitment.

This article isn’t asking for funds. It’s just asking those that do give to consider how they do so – and if one-time gifts are best for you, we are very grateful for those. The Lord provides for OMF in many (often unexpected) ways, and we thank you for your involvement in that, including your prayer in this regard. As you can see in the figures below, our needs for this year are being well met again, for which we praise the Lord.

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Darren Wall

Director for Finance &
Corporate Services

The financial situation for the first nine months of 2017

OMF Actual Income


Target Income


Percent of total target income received

(Member support gifts £3328k)


(General Donations/Other Income £422k)


(Legacies £570k)


Received income as a percentage of required income.