‘The People Are Bringing More Than Enough’

This is my last entry in Billions as the Director for Finance & Corporate Services. I’ve taken my heading from Exodus 36:5, where the people of Israel were asked to stop giving, because enough had been provided for the construction of the Tabernacle.

In the UK, most charities put significant resources into their fundraising strategies and activities, and we don’t often hear them say, ‘no more, thanks, we’ve got enough’. Actually, I’m not saying that here either – OMF workers continue to need your ongoing support. What I do want to say, however, is that during my eight years in this role, you, like those Israelites, have similarly provided more than enough to meet our needs. Enough, in fact, to meet the needs of both our workers’ requirements and also a number of exceptional items and projects.

As the Israelites did, you too have brought your gifts as an act of worship and thankfulness to God, and, in our case, the outcome has been that many East Asians have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and his Church has expanded among them.

It has been a great blessing to me to depend upon God to supply what has been necessary as opposed to only relying on good fundraising practices. Yes, we’ve needed to communicate responsibly, but that has primarily been to inform prayer and to encourage with news of what the Lord has been doing among East Asians.

Your generous and faithful response has come as God has moved your hearts to want to serve him and his purposes for East Asians through your giving. I thank you for the blessing I have experienced in being a part of this process. I’m sure that as Jeff Hall takes over from me, he will continue to be equally blessed by you in this way too. May the Lord continue to bless you as well as you continue to serve him as he moves you to do so.

If you would like more information about praying for and giving to OMF, this can be found on our website.

Darren Wall
Director for Finance & Corporate Services