September – December 2021
2021 January – June Finances

During a recent morning Bible reading, I read about the calling of Matthew in Matthew 9:9-13 and was encouraged to reflect on Matthew’s calling. Like the other disciples, Matthew’s journey with Jesus started before he was called and required him to make some difficult decisions in choosing to respond to Jesus’ calling in verse 9. For many of us the journey through the last year has been a challenging one. Often there have been difficult decisions to make along the way, and whilst there is the hope of fewer pandemic restrictions, there is still considerable uncertainty in many areas of our lives. For some there is the uncertainty around job security at the end of the furlough scheme, for others it might only be whether they should holiday at home or abroad.
Matthew had a house, a steady job that paid well and many social contacts, despite that job being very unpopular among his fellow Jews. He had a lot to give up in exchange for a very uncertain future way of life that would provide many challenges and hardships. Yet that life also brought with it the hope of an eternal life of acceptance, hope and the opportunity to be with Jesus every day forever.
For OMF (UK)’s Finance Team it has been a very difficult year in many ways and the challenges will continue for a number of months. However, we have been encouraged by regularly seeing how the Lord has blessed OMF (UK) financially in an amazing way over the past year, through the continued generosity and selfless giving of OMF (UK)’s financial supporters. This can be clearly seen in the figures in the table below where in the middle of pandemic and an economic downturn OMF (UK)’s income can be seen to be above the budgeted amount.

Jeff Hall
Director for Finance & Corporate Services