Introducing Jeff Hall

By the time you read this, Jeff Hall will have taken over from Darren Wall as OMF (UK)’s Director for Finance & Corporate Services. We caught up with Jeff to find out a bit more about him and why he is excited about this new role.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how God has led you to this position?

I have a wife, Nikki, two grown-up children and a dog, Bracken.

Prior to coming into this role, I served as OMF (UK)’s Finance Manager for 12 years, and before that, I worked in Finance and IT with a variety of organisations, of various sizes.

Having had an interest in mission since not long after I became a Christian, over 30 years ago, and as I was already working for OMF, this role was a great opportunity to continue being involved in the spread of the gospel while doing something different within the organisation.

Once the vacancy had been publicly advertised I had the opportunity to apply. I had been thinking and praying about applying for a short while when an unexpected prompting from Scripture, received whilst preparing for leading a church service, led me to apply for the role. I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but in the three or four months before I applied, I had been feeling that the Lord was preparing me for something, but I didn’t know what.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy cycling, photography, playing music (I play in the church worship team as well as in a concert band) and making model aircraft.
In my church, Trinity Baptist Church, Bexleyheath, I have served in various ways over the years as a small group leader, deacon and treasurer as well as serving on the cleaning team and providing refreshments.

What excites you about your new role? What challenges do you anticipate? How can we pray for you?

As someone who likes a challenge, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in a new way using more of my skills. OMF (UK) does face some serious financial challenges in the years ahead, given the very different Christian context in which we are now operating. This will require us to follow James Hudson Taylor’s example of being radical in our approach to how we serve not only the UK Church but also the global Christian community. Fortunately, the Lord has blessed us richly over the past few years. We have had good levels of income, despite a falling number of members, so we have the funds available to invest in the structures and systems for the future.

I would greatly value prayer for wisdom in how we allocate resources and evaluate future options.
Please also pray for our small Finance team, which has been restructured with people in new roles so we can better meet future challenges.