Swanwick 1-3 March 2019: Booking Now Open

You can now book for All Things New, OMF UK National Conference 2019 at:

The conference will start to unpack what it means when we say OMF shares the gospel ‘in all its fullness’. The title comes from Revelation 21:5 where the Lord proclaims ‘behold I am making all things new’.

This year All Souls Langham Place will be providing their rector, Hugh Palmer, to lead the Bible readings as well as their music team to lead the times of sung worship. Patrick Fung, OMF International General Director, and Peter Rowan, OMF UK National Director, will be the other keynote speakers within a balanced and inspiring programme.

This will also include OMF leaders from a wide range of ministries who will run seminars and share ministry updates and opportunities.
The morning prayer times will be co-ordinated by home assignees and focus on different OMF fields. There will also be time for fellowship and reflection at the conference.

OMF UK has decided to subsidise the cost for all attendees, to make the conference as accessible as possible.

If you would like to learn more about our additional hospitality fund, supporting those who otherwise can’t afford to attend, please visit

We look forward to spending the weekend with you.
The National Conference Planning Team

Serve Asia Podcast Launches 21 September

This September marks the launch of the new Serve Asia Podcast, with the first season exploring the topic of technology. We will explore the relationship between technology and the modern world and ultimately try and answer the question ‘what role does technology play in God’s kingdom?’

Each episode will explore this question with guests working in East Asia and the UK, bringing a global, practical and relevant perspective to the issue for anyone seeking to share the good news of Jesus wherever they are.

The first episode will be released on 21 September.

Find out more at:

New North Area Representatives

We are delighted to announce that Gerard & Sarah Charles have taken on the role of the Area Representatives for the North of England from 21 June. They moved to Huddersfield in August. Please pray for them as they take on this new ministry and for their family’s transition.

We also want to say a huge thank you and acknowledge the invaluable work of the interim mobilisation team in the North of England over the last three years. The team are Geoff & Heather Wilson, Ruth Everitt, Heather Cox, Will Marshall and Dave Peacock coordinated by Trevor Warner. Trevor has now stepped down as the acting North of England Representative. The rest of the team plan to continue as volunteer mobilisers alongside Gerard & Sarah.

20 Years of the Jesus Village Church

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Jesus Village Church in Phnom Penn, the capital of Cambodia. This church has transformed lives and the local community.

The church was planted in the 1990s by an eclectic group of new OMF workers from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Korea, Australia and Netherlands. It was originally known as the Calmette Church after the neighbourhood they met in.

The name change came in 2007 with a move to a purpose-built meeting place in the Toul Sang Kei neighbourhood 2.5km away. The church leaders didn’t want to change the name of the church to the new area, though. Toul Sang Kei village was well known as one of the most dangerous areas of Phnom Penh.

The church leaders decided to use the name Jesus Village Church (JVC) instead, trusting that Jesus would bring transformation to the area. And God has worked through their perseverance and love for their neighbours. Now JVC is a landmark in the village, the area is much safer and when asked where they live, the neighbours now answer,
“I live at Jesus Village”. Today JVC has ministries for everyone from preschool age to university students and church plants or regular outreach in nine locations around the capital. Praise God for his work through JVC!

OMF UK Mobilisation and Media Vision and Mission for 2020

At the start of this year I became the new director of OMF UK Mobilisation and Media.
After approximately 10 years focused on OMF Cambodia it was important for me to readjust into the new role whilst maintaining (and growing) the mobilisation and media team’s momentum.

To do this a vision and mission for 2020 was launched:

Vision: By God’s grace, to see the UK and Ireland Church passionate and prepared to share Jesus Christ with East Asian peoples.

Mission: To mobilise and equip every age group within the UK and Ireland Church to share Jesus Christ with East Asian peoples.

This 2020 vision and mission has been inspired by observations of OMF UK and the UK Church over the past year.  We will use it to steer both our existing and proposed strategic goals and projects for the next two years.

The vision and mission also provides an accountability measure. It gives a reference point for you to understand why certain strategic decisions are made regarding OMF UK mobilisation and media resources. It also helps measure whether these resources have been used wisely in sharing Jesus Christ with East Asians.

We hope this 2020 vision will enthuse you to continue to partner with us and pray that the UK and Ireland Church will be increasingly passionate and prepared to share Jesus Christ with East Asian peoples.

Paul Robinson
OMF UK Director for Mobilisation and Media