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Stories From Myanmar: A Prayer Guide, £2

After decades cut off from the world, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is undergoing a steady transition, leaving behind socialist economic policies and military rule to embrace a more open, globalised future. Despite a new government and positive developments, monumental challenges remain.

While the Church in Myanmar has a remarkable history of mission endeavour, efforts to reach ‘unreached’ groups, such as the Bamar, Mon, Shan, Rakhine and Pa-O, as well as Muslims and Hindus, remain slow. The majority of believers and churches remain comprised of ethnic minorities.

Our prayer is that there would be a powerful gospel movement in Myanmar, fuelled by believers obeying the Great Commission – fulfilling Adoniram Judson’s dream of Myanmar for Christ.

We hope that this prayer guide will give you new insight and perspective on everyday issues and challenges, helping you to pray more specifically and intentionally for the people and country of Myanmar.

Is God calling you to embrace and advance The Task Unfinished?

For OMF, The Task Unfinished is a focused effort to inspire believers world-wide to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. Each month during 2017 our aim is to highlight a focused prayer movement for a different unreached country or people group.

We hope you will consider being part of this movement, and help bring the hope of Christ to those who have little to no access to the gospel.

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