Answered Prayer: Christmas in Thailand

Back in December we asked our social media followers to pray for several Christmas outreach events as they happened across East Asia, including those at Ban Phet Church in Central Thailand. Eng Kiat, a Singaporean OMF worker, shares the answers to prayer they saw: ‘Thank you for your prayers for the Christmas outreach efforts of Ban Phet Church in Central Thailand back in December. The Lord worked powerfully in response to your prayers. Mrs Oh, a member of Ban Phet Church, got permission from her village headman to organise a Christmas celebration at Nong Khaem village hall. Praise God that almost 100 people came – double that of Christmas 2018! We sense that people in this village have a growing interest in hearing about Jesus. A short-term mission team from Singapore performed a nativity skit, powerfully sharing the good news of Christmas. At the end of the celebration the children and youth were given Christmas presents. Please pray for Mrs Oh, the only Christian in this village, as she continues to reach out to her neighbours with the gospel. On the evening of 15th December, Ban Phet Church members sang Christmas carols at various homes in the neighbourhood. Singing about the hope of Christmas encouraged members and gave them an opportunity to invite people to the Christmas service the following Sunday. Ban Phet Church’s evangelistic Christmas service on 22nd December went well with the many people from the surrounding villages attending. An ex-convict shared his testimony of how his life turned around after he came to know Christ while in prison. The evangelist, Mr Prapon, delivered a powerful sermon about the love of God expressed through the gift of his Son. One lady was touched by the gospel message. We visited her on 26th December and that evening she opened her heart to receive Jesus as her Saviour. Praise God for new life at Christmas! Please pray for her as she starts out following Jesus and for the church as they disciple her.’

Praying in Light of COVID-19

There are four simple ways we can pray in light of COVID-19 as we remember who God is.
You can read about these and a short reflection from OMF General Director Patrick Fung here.
You can also read a statement from the OMF International Leadership Team about our response to COVID-19.
A statement from the OMF (UK) Leadership Team can be found here.
Finally, find answers to FAQs about our COVID-19 response here.

Praying for the Zhuang

Do you want to see God at work? Join us in praying for the Zhuang people of Southern China, the country’s largest minority group. The Zhuang people have lived in the mountains of Southern China for over 2,000 years. They practice a well-developed eco-friendly culture of mountain agriculture. They are also great singers and value living in harmony. Of the 20 million Zhuang, it is estimated that less than 0.25 per cent know Christ, making them one of the least reached people groups in the world. Today the Zhuang people live in Southwest China and in Vietnam. There are nineteen major dialects of the Zhuang language, of which only one (Yongbei Zhuang), has a complete New Testament. Another of the Zhuang dialects (Guibian Zhuang) is the largest least reached people group in Northeast Asia without any Scripture in their heart language. OMF has teamed up with SIM and Wycliffe Bible Translators to encourage prayer for the translation of the New Testament into the other Zhuang dialects by 2030. Various mission agencies have been involved in sharing the good news of Jesus with the Zhuang over many years, with the first Protestant missionaries arriving in 1862. Despite this the Zhuang still have very few Christians and evangelists. For regular prayer updates, follow the prayer feeds on Facebook and Twitter, search for Pray4theZhuang.

For further information, please contact Tim Jenkins.

The priority prayer needs are:

  • For more people around the world to pray for the Zhuang
  • A critical need for educators for the children of those serving the Zhuang
  • That the number of prayer and vision trips would grow
  • For sim-cards with scripture readings to be well used
  • Working with local Christians close to the Zhuang
  • Training for local leadership
  • For the Lord to provide workers among the Zhuang
  • For Zhuang believers to share Jesus with their families and friends so that whole families and villages will come to believe.

Tim Jenkins OMF (UK) East of England Area Representative