Serve Asia Podcast Marks First Anniversary

A year ago we launched ‘The Serve Asia Podcast’. We wanted to create inspiring content to reach the ears of some of the 6 million people who listen to podcasts every week in the UK.1

We’re two seasons in, and we’ve had a real variety of guests on the show; people who live in all kinds of places trying to reach different people groups, each with unique experiences and stories to tell.

I’ve loved that the principles behind what our guests share can be applied wherever we are. One particular episode that springs to mind is Episode 8, where we interviewed Rob, a marine biologist from the UK now living in Asia. Rob explained that God uses people of all different shapes and sizes. He also shared a simple, practical model for being ready to share Jesus anywhere.

Hearing from these modern-day, cross-cultural missionaries helps us realise that they’re not super-spiritual. They’re just like us: everyday Christians, who make mistakes, trying to be faithful in the everyday and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We’re excited for future episodes, as we line up our next guests. Please join us in praying for the podcast – that it helps listeners to be passionate and prepared to share Jesus with East Asia’s peoples. If you’d like to listen, visit – or search for ‘The Serve Asia Podcast’ in your favourite podcast app. Please share it with anyone who might be interested!

Ryan Hunt
Serve Asia Podcast Host

Beyond our Wildest Dreams….

Invited to a missions conference in Mexico, we were asked to raise awareness of the opportunities to share Jesus in the Buddhist world. We asked Wat Ho Meas to join us, a Cambodian friend who had been born and raised as a Buddhist. Angelo, a Uruguayan working with OMF UK, came as Ho’s Spanish translator.

Ho spoke to a hushed room, outlining the history and key aspects of the Buddhist worldview. Then Ho told us about his journey to faith in Jesus Christ through the faithful witness of Japanese OMF missionaries Sho & Yoko Sugaya. Going on to study Christian theology, Ho received his missionary calling to Japan where he has now been serving with OMF for several years.

His testimony was profoundly moving. One of many young people listening intently was Lilia, a young Mexican who wrote afterwards, ‘Words could not describe how blessed, challenged, and encouraged I was.’ Lilia is now on her way to Japan as a Serve Asia worker. Despite the huge challenge of travelling so far to one of the world’s most expensive countries, Lilia saw God provide her support in creative and unexpected ways!

Never did we dream when we went to Cambodia with OMF that, years later, we would work alongside a Cambodian Christian to mobilise Mexicans to go to the mission field!

Mexico has an astounding 90,000 evangelical churches with more than 10 million Christians. However, Mexican mission movement leaders estimate only about 2,000 of those churches are engaged in missions. Join us in praying for God-given vision for Mexican churches, for the six OMF prayer guides translated into Spanish to receive wide distribution and for wisdom to know with whom OMF should partner in Mexico.

Steve & Anna Griffiths
New Horizons Strategy Coordinators for Brazil

A Family Transformed: a story from Cambodia

Nee vividly remembers the day her father chased her pregnant mother with a machete. Nee was only 6-years-old.

‘I told myself, if he kills my mother, I’ll murder him and then I’ll take my own life,’ she said.

Nee’s mother escaped unharmed, but the event was traumatic. As his alcoholism escalated, Nee’s father became more and more unstable. He worked as a farmer in their village but couldn’t provide for the family in light of his addictions. Desperate to help put food on the table, Nee’s sister moved to the city to find a job. To her entire family’s disgust, she returned home a follower of Jesus.

Many Cambodians are devoutly Buddhist and Nee’s family was no different. They all agreed that if her sister returned home and still practiced Christianity, they would disown her.

Over time, God brought more unexpected encounters with Christians into Nee’s life, but both she and her father held onto their Buddhist traditions. Nee’s sister eventually made another courageous visit home. This time, she brought OMF missionaries with her who shared about
the love of Jesus.

Miraculously, Nee’s father surrendered his life to Christ that day.

Over the next six months, Nee witnessed undeniable transformation in her father’s life. Once cold and violent, he was now a kind, affectionate man who helped around the house. He had also given up the addictions that formerly enslaved him.

“I thought, ‘Wow, this God is amazing. If he can do this in my father’s life, I want to commit my life to him too’” Nee said.

Today, Nee wants to tell other hopeless families that there’s a God who changes lives. She is applying to become a full-time missionary and her father leads a church in their home village.

Megan Sarian
OMF (US) Content Manager