Look, Listen, Learn: OMF (UK) National Conference

Over 400 people joined the OMF (UK) National Conference at the Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire over the weekend of 11-13 March.

The conference took the theme of listening to and learning from the global Church, so it was a delight to have Dr Federico (Rico) G. Villanueva from the Philippines bringing the main Bible teaching. As Langham Publishing Asia Regional Commissioning Editor and the author of commentaries on Lamentations and the Psalms, Rico reflected on the importance of having a place for lament in our lives and churches.

Alongside seminars covering topics from mission in the workplace to creation care and the Chinese Church in the UK, we also heard from Steve & Anna Griffiths about their work with OMF in South America and what the Lord is doing in that part of the world.

We hope the conference brought encouragement, inspiration and challenge, and look forward to our next National Conference in 2025. If you missed the conference, you can find recordings of Rico’s talks from the main sessions on our website.

New book: Together in Mission by David & Rosemary Harley

‘Read this book. You will laugh and cry and be stirred to pray and to want to follow the Lord more closely.’ – Rose Dowsett, Former OMF worker and Vice-Chair of WEA Mission Commission

Have you ever felt the call of God to go into all the world?

David & Rosemary Harley did, and through simple obedience to that call were able to have a worldwide impact on the spread of the gospel. Together in Mission tells their story of leaving the UK to become full-time missionaries in Africa, and via several unexpected events helping to run All Nations College and lead OMF International. Their story is in many ways a remarkable one, but the heart of this book is to inspire anyone and everyone to answer the call of God on their lives and see where it might lead them. It also highlights the continued need for the global Church to work together for the sake of the gospel.  We were delighted to officially launch this new book at our National Conference in March. If you didn’t get your copy there, you can buy it now from Or call 0330 2233423 (RRP £8.99).

Lunar New Year visits

The Lunar New Year is a significant time for many East Asian families. Traditionally, it’s a time to visit family. However, for cross-cultural workers serving overseas, it’s hard to get home to see their family.

Knowing the importance of family at Lunar New Year, OMF Singapore visits the families of their workers, often alongside members of workers’ supporting churches. This year OMF Singapore were able to resume in-person visits – due to the pandemic they previously had to call and mail vouchers instead. The families really appreciated the visits from OMF representatives.

OMF Singapore write: ‘The parents were extremely delighted to receive our visits again. It was a time for parents to reminisce about the past; a chance to talk about their children. The visit to OMF worker Michelle’s parents, Mr and Mrs Goh, was extra special as they had been baptised at Glory Presbyterian Church the day before our visit. Members of the church had been reaching out and ministering to the Gohs for the past few years. Michelle was unable to be there for her parents’ baptism, or to celebrate the new year with them, so our visit represented her; it is a token of care and an appreciation of her parents’ sacrifice.

She wrote, “Even though my parents don’t say it, they appreciate these visits by OMF Singapore. It’s through these visits and interactions that they know that I’m supported and cared for, and hence OMF makes that extra effort to show their concern to them too. This is important since as non-Christians, they’ve never really understood what I do as a missionary. It’s always nice to know, even if it’s from others, how my parents miss me and are proud of me. I know it is through these visits that my parents get a glimpse of what I do, the God I serve, and the people I serve alongside.” At most visits, parents welcomed our prayers for them. Please continue to pray for missionaries’ parents who have yet to receive Jesus Christ.’