Praying for God’s love in action

Jesus addressed both physical and spiritual needs during his years of ministry. He pursued restoration by sharing the message of the kingdom but also tending to people’s daily struggles. His example of love in action challenges us, his disciples, to follow suit.

In East Asia, the needs of each community differ. To serve as Jesus did means we listen and respond to the challenges they face. Where Christians have the opportunity to help by sharing their skills and expertise, Jesus’ love is demonstrated, even if restrictions are placed on explicit sharing of the gospel message.

Take a few moments to pray for five professional avenues through which God’s love is being made known to the peoples of East Asia.

Creation Care

Lord, we pray for East Asians who face growing environmental challenges. We pray that Christian workers can respond appropriately to those challenges in Jesus’ name.

Lord, we pray for your leading to constructively engage with government agencies, universities and other public bodies who are developing responses to environmental issues.

Healthcare Mission

Lord, may those seeking medical care find hope, healing and ultimate peace in Christ. We pray that compassion and grace would mark the care of Christian healthcare professionals.

Lord, in sensitive environments where the gospel cannot be shared, give healthcare workers the opportunity to reflect Christ in their actions.

Missional Business

Lord, we pray for guidance for those looking to set up missional businesses. Direct them to the right location, product and business model and provide a
way forward as they navigate the legal details.

Lord, bless the relationships on all ends of the missional business model. May they minister well to their suppliers, employees and customers. Along with that, provide partnerships with like-minded entities who share their vision and act with integrity.

Community Ministries

Lord, we lift up those who are being exploited through sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and other forms of mandatory labour. May Christians come to their aid and extend the compassion of Christ.

Lord, we pray for the marginalised in East Asia, may laws be enacted to protect the vulnerable with greater awareness and concern in society for these people.


Lord, may Christian teachers have a hand in shaping the next generation of leaders, that we would see more local believers rise to positions of influence for the good of their communities and the glory of God.

Lord, we pray for friendships to form between teachers and their students that lead to spiritual conversations.

Pass it on!

These prayer points are taken from our free prayer guide Love in Action which takes you through five days of prayer for these five ministries. You can use the guide on your electronic devices or download and print copies at home. Perhaps you could use it to help your church or small group pray for the spread of the good news of Jesus in all its fullness. Take a look at the guide here.