Resources to help you explore mission

World mission is God’s idea

 So, we start and continue in mission by getting to know him, his mission and his world better. Beyond the big picture, maybe there’s a particular country, people group, or religion you want to find out more about? We don’t have to retreat into our private study to learn. It’s great to explore together with friends, family and church members. We’ve seen that as people learn, they grow in their relationship with God and with others in their church, building a passion to keep discovering more about what God is doing around the world.

There are loads of great resources to help you learn more about world mission. We’ve picked a few to get you started:

Taste of Asia

Published in 2020, A Taste of Asia is an exciting prayer adventure for all the family. Jon is your guide for this journey, exploring why Jesus is good news for the people and places of East Asia. Created for families with 4-10-year-olds in mind, the book is beautifully illustrated. Each section includes simple Bible study and prayer ideas, as well as fascinating and exciting activities.

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Hidden in Plain Sight videos

God’s desire for all people from all nations to receive the blessing that comes from Jesus Christ doesn’t just turn up in The Great Commission in Matthew 28. Rather, it is the story that unfolds throughout the whole Bible. This is the theme of our new series of animated videos called Hidden in Plain Sight. Their quirky animation style and fun illustrations are designed to be an accessible and thought-provoking way to introduce this big idea.

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The Serve Asia Podcast

On the Serve Asia Podcast, you’ll hear from people serving with OMF across the world. With episodes exploring the challenges of sharing the gospel in a particular place, how technology is being used to make Jesus known, or what it’s like to serve in a support role behind the scenes, we pray this will help you learn and be better equipped to take the good news across the street and across the world.

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Ultimate Grace

There’s a long tradition of mission biographies, often recounting plucky tales from a bygone era when getting to Asia involved months at sea. What about today’s cross-cultural workers? Who are they and how is God using them to make Christ known among the nations? Ultimate Grace is the story of Levi Booth, whose enjoyment of frisbee and martial arts combined with his deep love of Jesus took him to Japan, where he shares the gospel with students.

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Upcoming events

Throughout the year, our local Area Representatives put on a variety of one day events. These provide a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from those sharing the good news of Jesus with East Asia’s people. Learning and praying together is a great encouragement for both those attending and sharing alike.

Find out about upcoming events on the OMF events page.

Worldview training

We believe that understanding our neighbours’ cultures better is key to us deepening friendships and communicating the gospel more effectively.

This is especially important today, when global migration means there are people from all over the world right on our doorsteps, providing a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel with East Asians in many communities in the UK. We’ve developed a three-part course to enable you to do just that. It’s ideal to do together with church groups or those already involved in ministry to internationals, and is led by a member of the OMF team. 

Find out more at , where you can also connect with your local Area Representative in the UK.